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Drive Shared Accountability™

How Leaders Build Productive Relationships With Peers

This virtual course helps leaders learn how to work effectively with peers across functions and departments. Leaders will learn strategies to break down silos, collaborate effectively, and build a leadership community to drive performance.

This virtual course is a scalable solution to build a stonger community of leaders within your organization.

Leaders today must be able to work with peers across the enterprise.

Drive Shared Accountability is a blended, virtual course that combines self-paced learning, facilitated sessions, and sustainment activities. Relevant in today’s hybrid world of work, this course is anchored on current research and ideas to help leaders make leadership accountability a priority in how they work across the organization.

Leveraging the proven principles of Dr. Vince Molinaro’s bestselling book Accountable Leaders this course explores ways to set the foundation for shared accountability.

During this course, your leaders will:

This is a ten-weekvirtual, cohort-based course with weekly sessions facilitated by a LCI certified facilitator or coach. Leaders will spend 2-3 hours per week between self-study, homework, and facilitated sessions. 

For the first six-weeks, your leaders will:

For the last four-weeks, your leaders will have ongoing learning and sustainment activities:

Cohort sizes can range from 30 – 50 leaders.

You can run multiple cohorts at the same time, or you can roll-out consecutive cohorts.

The format and implementation options have been designed to offer a scalable solution that works in alignment with your budget and strategy.

All leaders get:

This course is perfect for:

The core ideas

The Four Terms of The Leadership Contract® help leaders understand what it means to drive shared accountability with their peers and teams across your organization.

Leaders must create an environment where there is clarity, commitment, and mutual support with peers across the organization.

Leaders must commit to act with the best interest of the whole organization.

Leaders must courageously address challenging situations with peers across the organization.

Leaders must build strong relationships with peers and support their success.

Delivered on our digital learning platform

Leaders can easily engage in learning activities, access videos, complete assignments, and participate in weekly challenges from their desktop or mobile device. 

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What our customers say

"I know that when you create community and connection, it will fuel people to come together do the extraordinary. Vince Molinaro shows exactly how you can build a vibrant community of leaders in your own company to tackle challenges, drive change and create incredible results."
Gina Bianchini , Founder & CEO
Mighty Networks

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