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Research-backed leadership accountability surveys

Diagnostics to measure leadership accountability at three levels of your organization.

Get baseline measures and pinpoint gaps in your organization’s leadership accountability.

Are you looking to enhance your organization’s leadership accountability? It’s important to get a baseline understanding of where you are at, as well as  identify gaps, risks and opportunities you should be aware of.

We have developed a suite of surveys designed to assess the accountability of your leaders. Whether you’re looking to understand how each of your leaders demonstrates accountability or the current state of leadership accountability across your organization, we have it.

These surveys provide your organization with the leadership accountability insights you need to create communities of accountable leaders and drive your organization’s success.

We assess leadership accountability at multiple levels

How we use our surveys

Each of our surveys work effectively on their own, or as part of our leadership courses, coaching, and development programs. 

They can work together to give a full picture of leadership accountability, from individual leaders to teams to the whole organization. 

Take a look at the details of our surveys to see how they can help your organization.


The Accountable Leaders Survey™

This survey is all about understanding how each leader demonstrates accountability at an individual, team, and shared level. It looks at 30 research-validated behaviors that provide a leader with greater self-awareness of their accountability.

The results help leaders confirm areas of strength and identify where they need to improve.


The Accountable Teams Survey™

This diagnostic survey helps teams work better together. It checks if team members are clear on what they need to do and if they’re all committed to their work. It helps spot what the team is doing well and where they need to do better.

The results can help inform senior leaders about changes that make their team work together in a more accountable manner, translating into better performance and business outcomes.


Leadership Accountability Audit™

Get the big picture on the state of leadership accountability in your organization. This thorough diagnostic provides a set of baseline measures that explores how well leaders are demonstrating accountability and the strength of community that exists. The audit uses our own research to show where the leaders are doing well and where they can improve.

The results help CEOs and CHROs make important decisions around building a stronger group of accountable leaders and helping the whole organization succeed.

Assess your leadership culture

Take the first step towards understanding and improving your organization’s accountability. Our Leadership Culture Survey™ takes 5-minutes and will deliver a summary to your inbox.

What our customers say

"Working with LCI, we have seen dramatic improvements. Accountability among our leaders increased by 75%. In addition, we had a 60% improvement in the strength of our leadership culture, LCI didn’t just meet our expectations—they helped us raise the bar of our leadership standards to new heights."
Tanya Stanton, Director of Early Learning Programs
Mid Florida Community Services

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