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How To Build An Accountable Team

By Dr. Vince Molinaro

Building a strong and high-performing team can be one of the toughest challenges that leaders face. This ebook presents a set of ideas that will enable you to build a great team – the truly accountable team that you and your organization need.

The connection among teams, leadership, and accountability

The work we have done with senior teams worldwide has revealed that truly great teams share one inherent quality – they are truly accountable.

The big idea

We need accountable teams to drive strategy and get important work done. Organizations expect more of teams today than ever before. Unfortunately, most teams are falling short.

The risk and opportunity

Building stronger teams is crucial to achieving your organization’s goals. A team cannot be truly accountable until every member understands what they need to contribute individually and what the team needs to contribute collectively.

The way forward

Truly accountable teams demonstrate high levels of clarity and commitment. Take a quick assessment to evaluate the state of your team, and then implement the four key strategies to driving each clarity and commitment.

Unleash the benefits of strong, accountable teams where everyone is:

  • Aligned and clear on what needs to get done.
  • Pulling their weight and supporting each other.
  • Leveraging the unique capabilities of all members.
  • Feeling safe and confident challenging one another.
  • Balancing working hard with having fun
    and celebrating success.

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How To Build An Accountable Team

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