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Who We Are

Leadership Contract Inc (LCI)

We are global experts in helping organizations build and scale leadership accountability.

Companies come to us when they need to make a strategic shift and require leaders at all levels to step up in new ways.

We focus on operationalizing leadership accountability and creating communities of accountable leaders, because we know this is the fastest and most effective way to ensure all leaders are equipped to drive strategy, shape culture, and implement change.

What is

Leadership Accountability?

Our mission

We develop and inspire leadership cultures where every leader steps up, takes ownership, and delivers results. Every single day, we work with organizations to help them build accountable leaders, teams, and leadership cultures.

What sets us apart from the rest

Leaders and organizations work with us because we set clear expectations, have high standards, and stay true to what’s agreed on. They value the far-reaching impact of our work.

Ideas that resonate and translate into daily leader routines

Our thought leadership is the perfect mix of  strategy and business-focused action. The practical ideas apply to your context and are easy for your leaders to implement.

Solutions anchored on our research and your company data

All of our solutions are based on over a decade of proprietary global research. We combine this with your company data to make sure we deliver what you need.

Disciplined methodology that's tailored to your context

We’ve built a system anchored on your context and strategy that consistently changes leader behavior, facilitates strategy execution, and strengthens organizational cultures.

Project management rigor that exceeds your expectations

We know how to manage large, complex projects that deliver on time, in scope, and on budget. You always know where we’re at and what’s going on. It feels surprisingly easy.

Strong customer relationships that exist for the long-term

We meet you and your leaders where you are, without ever forgetting where you want to be. We’re a true partner, and you can count on us for honest dialogue and clear expectations.

Sustainable behavior change and measurable impact

We create sustainable value at the individual, team, and organizational levels. Our pre- and post-measures pinpoint risk, opportunities, and progress.

Our values

Our core values guide how we work with every customer, whether it’s for a keynote presentation, our courses, coaching, or a strategic leadership development initiative.  


We practice what we preach and deliver on what we promise.


We are committed to responding to your needs and being easy and fun to work with.


We don’t play the ego game. We develop strong, trust-based relationships.


We have your back. Count on us to challenge you and your leaders when needed for success.


We are excited about your organization’s future and your success.

Our journey

Our team

We bring diverse corporate and business experience and a united passion for helping leaders and organizations thrive through strong accountability. Whether working with our core team or extended team of executive coaches and advisors, you’ll feel our genuine commitment to your outcomes.

Dr. Vince Molinaro, Founder and CEO, LCI
Dr. Vince Molinaro
Founder and CEO
Jenny Ma, Chief Of Staff, LCI
Jenny Ma
Chief Of Staff
Lauren Kowalchuk, Manager of Marketing Operations and Consultant, LCI
Lauren Kowalchuk
Marketing Manager and Consultant
Rosemary Jose, Consultant, LCI
Rosemary Jose
Project Manager and Consultant
Carole Clarke, Customer Success Manager, LCI
Carole Clarke
Customer Success Specialist
LCI Coach and Facilitator Team (28)
Stefan Achard
Executive Coach and Facilitator
Adam Alexander - Financial Advisor LCI
Adam Alexander
Accounting Advisor
Carol Alfieri - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Carol Alfieri
Audra August - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Audra August
Chelsey Berg - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Chelsey Berg
Consultant and Facilitator
Suzy Shin LCI HR Advisor
Suzy Choi
Human Resources Advisor
LCI Coach and Facilitator - Lina Colucci
Lina Colucci
Executive Coach
Gabe Fermo, LCI Coach and Facilitator
Gabriella Fermo
Janet Gilfillan - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Janet Gilfillan
Executive Coach and Facilitator
Jeanette Iglesias - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Jeanette Iglesias
Executive Coach and Facilitator
LCI Coach and Facilitator Team (27)
Sharon Lundberg
Executive Coach and Facilitator
Emilie McIver - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Emilie McIver
Executive Coach and Facilitator
Tess Reimann, LCI Facilitator and Master Certifier
Tess Reimann
LCI Coach and Facilitator Team (25)
Rina Sahay
Executive Coach
LCI Coach and Facilitator Team (38)
Dr. Lynne Satov
Executive Coach
Aisvarya Shah - Financial Advisor LCI
Aisvarya Shah
Financial Analyst
Dr. Salima Shamji
Executive Coach
Maureen 2
Maureen Solero
Executive Coach and Facilitator
LCI Coach and Facilitator Team (39)
Melissa Tassie
LCI Coach and Facilitator, Bill Taylor
Bill Taylor
Executive Coach and Facilitator
David Town, LCI Coach and Facilitator
David Town
Executive Coach and Facilitator
LCI Coach and Facilitator -Alex Vincent
Dr. Alex Vincent
Executive Coach and Facilitator
LCI Coach and Facilitator Team (24)
Neville Wilson
Executive Coach
Jerome Zeyen - LCI Coach and Facilitator
Jerome Zeyen
Executive Coach
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