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Drive Industry-Leading Performance through Leadership Accountability

Help your leaders navigate critical business challenges by scaling leadership accountability. 

The Path to Operationalizing Leadership Accountability

Effective strategy execution needs strong leadership accountability at every level. To achieve this, you must: 

Build a thriving community

Success thrives on collaboration. By fostering a community that embraces accountability, you create an environment where leaders support and challenge each other to achieve shared goals. 

Implement a scalable system

Sustainable growth relies on robust systems. To unleash the full potential of leadership accountability, you must build a framework that enables seamless integration and scalability. 

When you instill accountability across your organization, your leaders will:

Are you confident that your leaders are ready to step up and execute your strategic priorities?

Who We Work With

CEOs and CHROs navigating complex strategic challenges who need their leaders to drive performance and step up in new ways.

What We Offer

Strategic leadership solutions that fundamentally change the way leaders think, act, and influence – so they can drive strategy, culture, and change.

Why It Works

Our methodology is anchored in your context and strategy, grounded in our global research, and has been implemented in organizations around the world.

Leadership accountability drives industry-leading performance.

Our global research shows that top-performing companies correlate strongly with leadership cultures anchored in accountability. Not surprisingly, poor-performing companies struggle with accountability. 

We have discovered precisely what it takes to help leaders navigate critical business challenges and are experts at building and scaling leadership accountability across organizations like yours. 

We help leaders come together to drive strategy, culture, and change.

Our solutions are research-based, proprietary methods designed to help companies scale high-performing leadership cultures.


Spark new ways of thinking about what it means to be an accountable leader. 


Change mindsets and behaviors with practical ideas that translate.


Pinpoint gaps and opportunities in leadership accountability and culture.


Make a strategic shift through strategic leadership development.

We are global experts at helping companies scale leadership accountability so they can drive strategic shifts.

Everything we do is anchored on our research-based ideas, practical strategies and tools, and proven methodology that helps leaders develop the mindset, behaviors, and routines they need to lead the future.

Companies trust us to de-risk their investment in leadership development and help them achieve leadership culture change.

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What customers say about us

"Our work with Leadership Contract Inc has been invaluable. Our leadership groups had the opportunity to learn the principles that mattered most to our organization in a practical and easily applicable way. They built their leadership journeys anchored on the principles of The Leadership Contract®."

    Michelle Sangster, Managing Director

    Accenture/CHRO Eclipse Automation

    "The Leadership Accountability System™ was a game changer for our company. It was the perfect foundation for our internal leadership development program and drove strong accountability among all our leaders."

      Steve Mai, Chief Growth Officer

      Industry X - Accenture

      "Working with the LCI team has really helped me, my leaders, and our teams move the needle both in terms of our performance and culture as a whole."

        Kevin Burtt, President

        Nexus Communication

        "I have to say, I am a fairly harsh judge of consulting companies and third party experts, as I've had a great deal of exposure to many of these. You are really top-notch: your style, the content, and the approach were exactly what was needed."

          Dr. Graham Sher, CEO

          Canadian Blood Services

          "Working with LCI, we have seen dramatic improvements. Accountability among our leaders increased by 75%. In addition, we had a 60% improvement in the strength of our leadership culture, LCI didn’t just meet our expectations—they helped us raise the bar of our leadership standards to new heights."

            Tanya Stanton, Director of Early Learning Programs

            Mid Florida Community Services

            "I know that when you create community and connection, it will fuel people to come together do the extraordinary. Vince Molinaro shows exactly how you can build a vibrant community of leaders in your own company to tackle challenges, drive change and create incredible results."

              Gina Bianchini, Founder & CEO

              Mighty Networks

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