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Courses that develop accountable leaders

The Leadership Accountability Academy™ is our learning solution that turns core concepts from our books into real world applications.

The Leadership Accountability Academy™ is LCl’s learning solution, with courses housed on our digital platform. Our award-winning courses take core concepts of our books and turn them into real-world applications, providing practical steps to bring leadership skills to life.

We ensure your leaders don’t just learn about leadership – they put it into action. 

Flexible implementation to accommodate your managers’ and leaders’ busy schedules with virtual, in-person, and hybrid delivery options. Ask us about our licensing and train-the-trainer options.

All courses are delivered by LCI and ICF-certified facilitators and coaches. Our roster of outstanding leadership development practitioners brings a wealth of experience to our learning programs.

private space in the academy just for your leaders creates opportunities for social learning and conversations specific to current events in your business.

Companies face leadership accountability gaps

Our research shows that many leaders struggle with accountability. Most likely many of your leaders do as well. Gaps in leadership accountability create gaps in company performance. 

of leaders are seen as being truly unaccountable.

of teams are mediocre; only 1% of teams are seen as being accountable.

of senior executives don’t believe they have a strong culture of accountable leaders.

Source: The Leadership Contract®& Accountable Leaders by Dr. Vince Molinaro

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Total accountability

LCI helps organizations close their leadership accountability gaps by offering courses that develop accountable leaders at all levels.  Our courses provide a complete approach to driving what we call total accountability at three critical levels: individual, team, and shared. 

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Our integrated courses offer a scalable solution to developing accountable leaders and teams and strengthening your leadership community.

Individual accountability

The Leadership Contract®

How Leaders Set the Tone of Accountability

Our signature and award-winning course is based on the New York Times bestselling book The Leadership Contract. During this course, leaders learn how to step up and set the tone of accountability by being more deliberate and effective in their roles.

Team Accountability

Lead Accountable Teams™

How Leaders Drive Clarity, Commitment, and Belonging

This course helps leaders make leadership accountability a priority on their teams. Leaders will learn key strategies for clarifying expectations, creating commitment to drive results, and instilling a sense of unity and belonging on their teams. Leaders gain the valuable skills to build a cohesive, high-performing team poised for success, with leadership accountability at its core.

Shared accountability

Drive Shared Accountability™

How Leaders Build Productive Relationships with Peers

Leadership extends beyond individual or team boundaries – it’s about creating synergy with peers across the organization. This course helps leaders learn how to work effectively with peers across functions and departments by breaking down silos, collaborating effectively, and building a leadership community to drive performance.

Our courses are anchored to our award-winning books.

The learner experience


Learning Modules & Facilitated Sessions

4-Week Implementation

Throughout their course, leaders engage in active learning and apply skills through a mix of self-study and virtual or in-person sessions. The duration and format vary based on delivery model. Following this, a four-week sustainment period allows leaders to practice skills and receive virtual feedback from their facilitator.

All Courses



Delivered on our digital learning platform

Leaders can easily engage in learning activities, access videos, complete assignments, and participate in weekly challenges from their desktop or mobile device. 

Our Promise

Development for business impact

We have a long track record of success in supporting the development of leaders. Our success is rooted in our practical, research-based, and proven content, coupled with its application to your organization’s context, strategy, and goals.

3. Certified Facilitators and Coaches

Every course is led by a certified facilitator or coach. Each goes through a comprehensive certification process that builds on their depth of business experience and as a leadership development expert. 

1. Flexible, Results-Oriented Learning Journeys

We have designed multiple learning journeys including virtual delivery, in-person, and hybrid. We can adjust the pacing of modules to best accommodate the busy schedules of your managers and leaders. 

4. A Rich Digital Learning Experience 

The Leadership Accountability Academy™ is our digital platform that houses all our courses. It includes learning activities, insightful readings, engaging videos, practical activities, and reflective quizzes.

2. Cohorts That Foster Connection and Community

We ensure leaders don’t learn in isolation and have opportunities to forge relationships with their cohort peers. This enriches the learning experience and ensures sustainability well after the course experience is completed. 

5. Designed For Speed, Scale, and Results 

Flexibility is key when it comes to rolling out leadership development. That’s why we’ve carefully crafted a range of options to suit your preferences and sense of urgency.

Why Leadership Contract Inc

Measures of our learning impact before and after our courses consistently produce a 20% improvement in leadership accountability and a 40% increase in the strength of the leadership community.

Compelling Thought Leadership

All courses are anchored on our award-winning books and thought leadership, which provides your leaders with practical and action­oriented leadership ideas. Organizations around the world have used our core ideas as the bedrock of their leadership development programs.

Research-Based Content

Our ideas and methodology are based on our global research and further tested through numerous implementations in leadership development programs.

Integrated Sustainment

We build an implementation phase into every course so that your leaders are supported as they apply the concepts and skills to their day-to-day roles. During this period, your leaders gain access to additional self-paced lessons and maintain access to their focused discussion hubs and learning resources.

Consistent Results

We help leaders anchor the learning experience to their specific context. We focus on assisting leaders to develop the mindset of accountable leaders and encourage applying new behaviors and routines. We foster community and social learning to accelerate development and impact.

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