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Strategic Leadership Development that transforms culture

The Leadership Accountability System™ is our proprietary methodology for scaling strong and high-performing leadership cultures.

Our Leadership Accountability System™ (LAS)

The LAS is our large-scale solution for when your organization needs to make a strategic leap. At these times, you need to transform your leadership culture and take your leaders and organization to the next level.

It is our research-based, proprietary methodology that defines expectations, aligns leaders to a united front, and embeds practices that create sustainable impact and measurable changes across organizations.

For sustainable leadership culture change, your leaders don’t need a program – they need a system.

Signs that your organization needs to strengthen or transform its leadership culture

You need to innovate your core business model

You need to drive high growth and outpace competitors

You're navigating industry or regulatory disruptions

You are facing numerous strategic challenges

You need your leaders to step up in truly new and different ways

Your leadership development efforts are falling short

Results show a 0 % increase in

leadership culture strength

Our systematic approach to leadership development

The LAS is broken down into three integrated gears, which represents our framework for scaling accountability across your organization.


leadership expectations across C-Suite and leadership teams

  • We anchor all our work in your specific leadership context by understanding your business environment and strategy and identifying success measures.
  • Building on this foundation, we identify a clear set of expectations for your leaders through a company-specific leadership contract.
  • We work with your executive team to clearly identify how they will set the tone of accountability for the organization.

leaders to a unified front by developing accountable mindsets, behaviors, and routines

  • We create a compelling leadership narrative that helps leaders understand the strategic reasons for culture change.
  • We leverage the Leadership Accountability Academy™ to ensure leaders develop the right mindset and behaviors of accountable leaders.
  • We work with your executive team to clearly identify how they will set the tone of accountability for the organization.

leadership accountability into the organization for sustainable impact and behavior change

  • We help you create and sustain a strong community of leaders across your organization.
  • We work with your HR team to determine how to embed your leadership expectations into key organizational practices.
  • We conduct regular assessments and surveys to measure leader behavior and leadership culture change over time.

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Astellas LCI Case Study
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