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The Value of Education and Investing in People

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In Episode 9 of Lead The Future, Dr. Vince Molinaro talks with Frances Valintine, Founder and CEO of The Mind Lab & Tech Futures Lab based out of Auckland, New Zealand. Frances is an innovator, technologies futurist, and disrupter of traditional education. In their conversation, Frances explores the impact of population demographics, shifting technologies, and work flexibility for leaders as they lead their organizations over the next few years. Additionally, Frances provides some valuable insights for organizations looking to re-skill their teams.

I know that everyone has heard the saying before, what if I invest in a staff member and they leave. But let’s flip that, what if [you don’t invest] and they stay? If you’re not investing in your staff and they’re not learning new skills and don’t have a new perspective, then actually from the day you hired them, it’s been a negative return. You’ve had no returns back to that person, you’ve already got the best from them from the first day that they were employed. So, it is really important.

Meet the leader: Frances Valintine, Founder at Tech Future Lab

Frances Valintine is an innovator, technologies futurist, and disrupter of traditional education. She is the Founder and CEO of The Mind Lab & Tech Future Lab based out of Auckland, New Zealand. The Mind lab was developed to empower students, schools, teachers, and principals to develop contemporary knowledge and practical skills for today’s rapidly evolving world and the future of work. In 2016, Frances founded Tech Future Lab with the purpose of fostering the capabilities and skills needed to develop a culture of innovation and agility critical to individuals looking to thrive in a fast-paced technological advancement era. Since 2013, Frances’ organizations have re-skilled and educated 20,000 adult students and over 250,000 school-aged children. In 2015, Frances was named a Top 50 EdTech Educator in the world by EdTech International.

Leadership Insights to Pay Attention to

  • Collaboration vs Cooperation.
  • The impact of Covid-19 on education.
  • Frances’s perspective on how 12-year-olds see the world.
  • Why Frances watches the energy sector as a signal of change.
  • Recent research on top attributes of “a good job today.”
  • Advice for organizations looking to re-skill their teams.
  • Leadership lessons from New Zealand’s Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

Show notes 

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