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Two critical elements of a high-performing team

Our research reveals what you must build if you want your team to drive high-performance.

We need teams to drive strategy and get important work done.

Unfortunately, most teams are falling short. Given the challenges and pressures that teams face today, these findings are not encouraging. 

Team leaders must do better. They must equip themselves with the know-how and capabilities to build strong teams.

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of teams are truly accountable

Truly accountable teams demonstrate high levels of both clarity and commitment.

The graph on the right breaks down how to build both team clarity and team commitment. 

Don’t forget that the foundation for success is individual accountability – it must be strong for collective accountability to be sustainable. In the end, team members must learn to hold each other accountable, not look to their leader as the source of all accountability.

Take action

Use the graph above to systematically work on building your team’s clarity and commitment. In our ebook How To Build An Accountable Team you can find a simple evaluation to help you measure your progress along the way. 

If you need help, contact us. We have deep expertise and a track record of success in helping senior leaders across different industries build and scale strong leadership accountability in their organizations.

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