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5 Key Drivers Transforming Our Business World

Leaders everywhere are dealing with a complex set of challenges.

The expectations for C-suite leaders are evolving due to a number of external trends.

The graph on the right reveals the five drivers that are quickly reshaping our business world.

  1. Transformative Technologies
  2. Geopolitical Instability
  3. Revolutionizing Work
  4. Delivering Diversity
  5. Repurposing Corporations

Which of these are most affecting you and your organization?

Click the button below to read our infographic that breaks down each of these trends in more detail.

Key Drivers And Trends Transforming Organizations

Furthermore, these same leaders are facing numerous strategic challenges at once.

Our research reveals that C-Suite leaders are facing, on average, 3.2 strategic challenges at once, ranging from transforming the organization’s business model, to driving accelerated growth and dealing with changing customer expectations.

These challenges are significantly increasing the pressure, complexity, and risk that C-suite leaders face in their roles.

What are the top 2-3 challenges you and your leaders are facing right now?

Transforming the business model (31.7%)
Driving accelerated growth (29.4%)
Changing customer expectations (26.6%)
Increased competition (24.6%)
Shift to hybrid work (24.0%)
Talent challenges (22.6%)
Managing CEO Transition (20.3%)
International expansion (20.0%)

Take action

Today’s unrelenting pace of change is a harsh reality that every leader must face, but C-suite leaders can’t do it alone.

Our ebook Leadership Develpment Is Failing CEOs – Here’s What To Do About It shares practical strategies to ensuring leadership development initiatives drive the impact they need to deliver.

If you need help, contact us. We have deep expertise and a track record of success in helping senior leaders across different industries build and scale strong leadership accountability in their organizations.

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