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Organizations around the world are facing leadership accountability gaps

Organizations need to close their gaps if they want to drive stronger performance. 

Leadership accountability gaps exist at every level of organizations.

At a time when organizations need to rely on their leaders more than ever, the truth, according to our research, is that they are struggling.

  • Our research reveals leadership accountability gaps at the individual, team and culture level​ in organization’s around the world.
  • Collectively, these gaps undermine an organization’s ability to drive performance.

The leadership accountability gap has made progress - but there is plenty of work to do.

Our previous research showed that while over 70% of senior leaders identify leadership accountability as crucial, only 15% were extremely satisfied with the accountability demonstrated by their leaders.

Our newest research reveals that 37% are now extremely satisfied, which shows overall global progress. But it is far from enough. 

Why is this so important? We find that top-performing companies correlate strongly with leadership cultures anchored in accountability. On the contrary, poor-performing companies struggle with accountability and, therefore, have weak leadership cultures. 

If organizations want to drive stronger performance, they must focus on leadership accountability. 



of senior leaders identify leadership accountability as crucial for their organization’s success





are extremely satisfied with the accountability demonstrated by their leaders



Take action

Our book Accountable Leaders addresses practical strategies to help organizations close their leadership accountability gaps.

If you need help, contact us. We have deep expertise and a track record of success in helping senior leaders across different industries build and scale strong leadership accountability in their organizations.

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