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The critical role of HR leaders in driving business success and organizational transformation

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In this engaging podcast conversation between Vince Molinaro and Michelle Sangster, listeners are treated to a deep dive into the transformative M&A journey of Michelle, the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) of Eclipse Automation, over the past three years. 

The discussion gives real-life insight into Michelle’s challenging task of doubling Eclipse Automation’s size within a tight timeframe, necessitating a shift from a technically focused, entrepreneurial mindset to one prioritizing people and infrastructure. Michelle’s successful navigation of this endeavor set the stage for the subsequent acquisition of Eclipse Automation by Accenture, bringing about significant changes in scale and organizational dynamics. 

Listeners gain valuable insights into the evolving role of Human Resources (HR) leadership, transcending traditional functional boundaries to become integral drivers of business success and organizational transformation. Vince and Michelle’s exchange serves as a compelling narrative of resilience, adaptability, and the transformative power of effective HR leadership in navigating complex organizational changes and fostering a culture of accountability, purpose, and community. 

True HR is the application of principles of human capital, it's about understanding that you are responsible for building an ecosystem. And that ecosystem has infrastructure in it. It has business principles in it, it has financials in it, it also has people in it. And people, literally, are the only thing that matters.

Key leadership insights to listen to

  • “People support what they help create.” 
  • The role of a leadership contract in facilitating the consolidation and strategic alignment of leadership teams throughout a merger and acquisition (M&A) process. 
  • How Michelle redefines HR leadership. 
  • Human Capital as Infrastructure.
  • The Strategic Ecosystem.

Meet the Leader: Michelle Sangster, MD | Accenture, CHRO | Eclipse Automation

Michelle Sangster, a transformative force in human resources and a strategic beacon for businesses navigating change. As a Managing Director at Accenture and Chief Human Resources Officer at Eclipse Automation, Michelle’s expertise is shaping the future of work. 

Her approach transcends traditional boundaries, guiding leaders to harness their full potential and organizations to embrace growth and change. With a keen eye for strategic inflections points, Michelle crafts innovative strategies that drive companies forward. 

From revamping HR operations to fostering a culture of collaboration, her achievements speak volumes. Michelle’s leadership has not only turned companies around but also redefined the role of HR in achieving business success. 

Her strategic acumen has been honed across continents, from leading a transformative HR overhaul at a global flooring company to delivering a strategic leadership program to 265 leaders in 52 countries. Michelle’s work in developing a comprehensive Human Capital Strategy has propelled organizations to new heights, fostering increased engagement, retention, and efficiency on a worldwide scale. 

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